Lake Wanaka SouNZ Incorporated has been working towards sustainable outcomes for 20 years. In the past ten years, we have taken significant steps to enhance our capacity for positive environmental management and stewardship, and community engagement and input.

The team at TUKI believe that it is possible to run a successful festival while having a minimal impact on both the local and wider environment. In 2007 Lake Wanaka SouNZ Inc implemented a Waste Minimisation Policy and continues to work alongside Wanaka Wastebusters as we move closer to our eventual aim of zero waste. The Waste Minimisation Policy has grown into the TUKI Earthcare Plan.


It is vital we work with the McRae family to protect the land. Glendhu Station runs as an organic farm business. To ensure the continued success of the event, we need the support and contribution of all festival-goers.


Our goal for TUKI 2020 is to achieve above a 95% waste diversion. Our long term goal for TUKI is to achieve a minimum 98% waste diversion rate.

Here's how you can help:

Bring nothing onto the TUKI site that cannot be
recycled or reused 

Bring back your 2018 globelet

Look out for the Wastebusters Team

Bring an empty water bottle